About us

Learning Studios is a leader in the education of our Memphis City and Shelby County Students.  A tutoring program for your student will be created during the initial visit based on his or her specific needs. We will ensure your student's understanding of the subject immediately improves and that you see those results.

Your student's grades and confidence will improve both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our program is based on a the following progress evaluation system:

 - Assess the student's understanding of the subject in relation to where the classroom focus.

 - Create an individual tutoring program that targets information the student must know to be successful on the next class day.

 - Work to close the student's current subject understanding and where he should be.

 - Evaluate the student's progress reports to confirm comprehension of the subject.

 - Report back to the parent and the student's true understanding of the subject matter.

 - Recommend the next step.

Call us today at (901) 672-7063 or email us at learningctr.org to schedule your student's assessment today!

Tutoring Hours of Operation          Monday - Friday          12:00pm  -  8:00pm                                                             Saturday               10:00am  -  2:00pm

The Learning Center   7847 Farmington Road in Germantown, TN 38138   learningctr.org