About us

The Learning Center, founded by owner Gary Mulvaney, is located at 7847 Farmington Road in Germantown, TN.  The center employs four tutors, all of whom are current teachers in the Memphis, TN, Shelby County area. All Learning Center instructors are certified by the Tennessee Board of Education. Gary, a graduate of Southern University (previously known as Belford University), struggled with learning issues throughout his elementary, middle, high school and college education. For many years Gary worked towards gathering the knowledge and tools needed to open a student centered business which would help students who, like him, learned in a different way than others. The creation of The Learning Center allowed Gary to bring a life long dream to fruition. Gary's own two daughters currently attend school in Shelby County.

Unlike other tutoring companies who assign from their own curriculum in addition to the work students are assigned by the schools, our goal is to reduce the pressures on students by teaching learning skills within the student's assignments. We are student centered and student focused. If you need or want a particular educational service offered, we will work with you to create the program your student needs. With this commitment to our clients, we can offer academic support ranging from Standardized Test Prep to assisting your student in learning lines for a school play. We know that your student is important...so let The Learning Center give you and your student the support you need to succeed!

The Learning Center    7847 Farmington Road in Germantown, TN 38138   learningctr.org